The Southern Eyre Peninsula’s festival of art and innovation SALT 2017 Festival website, will be officially launched today, 3rd of November in Port Lincoln.

SALT is about possibility and the astonishing things which happen when innovative people come together.  The SALT Festival website created by Momentum Design, is focused on engaging the artists, innovators and conference organisers as program contributors for SALT, and the people from the region and the world who will form the audience. The first glimpses of SALT 2017 will be revealed through the website at the launch.

The team at Momentum Design has responded to the brief beyond expectation and has produced an inspired, innovative and clean brand design which the Southern Eyre Arts (SEA) working party loved from the first moment we saw it. We wanted something which not only engages content for the festival and promotes the concept but that also talks of our place, while connecting all of us and to our world.

The website features the work of local photographer Rich, (Hayden Richards), of SA RIPS, whose work is rapidly gaining positive attention worldwide and immediately struck a chord with the website designers and our SEA team. The images will be used as a common theme through the website and the social media platforms reminding the world of the unique environment which will play host to SALT 2017.

The website offers the opportunity to propose events and content for SALT, as well as existing or new venues to be part of the official SALT program. The program will feature local, national and international artists, innovators and conferences, in a program that connects, engages and entertains.

If you would like to register your interest to attend the launch or stay updated on the evolution of SALT 2017 see the Get Involved page, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages or use our Contact Form.


A convergence of art, innovation and creativity
A showcase of art in all its forms; conferences, innovation and ideas
A focus on sustainability and how working creatively, we can secure the future.
A platform for all that is possible.
The astonishing things which happen when innovative people connect and combine.
A community of artists, innovators, creators and visionaries.
A culture that cares and embraces possibility, is inclusive and celebrates together.
A culture that acknowledges the planet that we are part of and that sustains us.
Pivotal in the creation of civilisations.
Essential for human life.


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