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Fletcher Bayly

Fletcher Bayly (1988) was born in Coulta, a small town in South Australia, Australia. As the son of a fisherman and avid surfer, he grew up on- and with the remote coastlines of the Indian Ocean. At the age of 18, whilst traveling New Zealand, he fell in love with photography and capturing the landscape in a most specific way.

During his young photographer’s career, he developed a very personal technique which stems from relentless experimentation, stimulated and inspired by his mother’s artistically critical nature and photographers such as Michael Kenna, David Burdeny, Josef Hoflehner and more recently Gregory Crewsdon.

Since graduating with a Distinction in his chosen field of “Landscape Photography” he has presented his work in Australia and New Zealand. Being the grandson of Dutch immigrants, Fletcher has chosen to spend a year living and working in the Netherlands.


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