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Gabrielle Waters

Gabrielle is many things; assigning labels you could call her a wife, a mother, a friend, an artist and a creative soul. She has a natural artistic ability and with an inspired imagination her creativity knows no bounds. With a tendency to stray from one unrelated subject to the next, working with still photography, acrylic on canvas and wood, she somehow maintains a common likeness or thread through all her works. Showcasing a bold sense of line work with a real sense of light and air. Drawing inspiration from the contemporary world, she has a graphic style with each piece borrowing from what is trending within pop culture at the time. A Bachelor of Arts graduate with a major in Visual Arts Photography Gabrielle specialises in portrait photography with 17 years in the field. Initially honing her skills operating her own studio in Adelaide she now services clientele on location throughout the EP and beyond. The family home, north of Wudinna, drinks in views of their surrounding farming land with the Gawler Ranges on the horizon. It is their haven amongst the soil that her husband’s hands work, where her boys play and a great source of inspiration to much of Gabrielle’s work.


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