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Jess Whittaker

Ive always drawn characters since I was a youngin, free hand sketching off of picture books and photos.
Continued art all through school concluding with Art Practical in Year 12.
Majority of my school art was charcoal and charcoal, not much colour.
I have always been drawn to the darker side and would produce original fictional/cartoon faces.
Since finishing school, my art stopped with never really intending on pursuing it further.
The spark came back 10 odd years later and I have produced a production of pieces starting
from some original drawings of charcoal and chalk/oil pastels with the introduction of colour.
Teaching myself techniques and skills in my own style on blending, layering and generally what works.
Progressed to airbrushed acrylic on canvas and have been learning piece by piece.
My works consist of original art and references of photos all drawn and painted free hand.


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