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Matthew Dodd

My name is Matthew Dodd, I’m a carpenter by trade but I have a passion for landscape photography that has been taking over my spare time for the last few years.

I’ve had an interest in landscape photography since my early 20’s and I can definitely put a finger on when it started. It was in the Canadian Rockies.

I was fortunate enough to land a job in the heart of the Rockies with the Lake Louise Ski Area on my first extended overseas trip. I was young, dumb and full of completely the wrong ideas about life, however, 12 months in Canada started to point me in the right direction. It is very safe to say that this trip planted the travel seed in me that continues to sprout today.

I would wake up every morning to go to work in the ski fields and be mesmerised by the surrounding mountain ranges that took up the view. I would sit in a dodgy little lift hut at the top of the snow hill, shivering like crazy while trying to chip the ice off the heater to get it started. The only relief to finally come was in terms of the sun’s rays as they shone above one of the many cliff faces in the distance.

In my hand would be an old Olympus shock/water proof camera that would be working overtime trying to capture what I would see. Looking back at those images would bring back all the emotions/memories that I felt at the time of taking the photo. It is then that I realised the power of photography, which was the power to freeze a memory or a moment forever in time with it never to be repeated.

I spent a lot of my 20’s travelling and then returning home close to broke to save up and do it all over again. I started to write a travel blog about my adventures calling it ‘doddlife,’ which was my idea of a joke. I would try to write not just about the flashy side of travelling but the real side, the stories of missing home, getting lost and all the suspect adventures in between. I wanted to strip back the sugar coated photos and extravagant stories of travelling and tell the whole story. Eventually as my passion for photography grew, this blog turned into a place to display my photographs.

In 2016, I returned home from an amazing trip to Nepal and Vietnam with a bank account that read HELP and thirst for photography that wasn’t being quenched. I used my construction wages to update my equipment and website while extending my photography knowledge with the help of the ever faithful Youtube and Google. With the advice of a mate, I launched a local landscape calendar with sales helping me fund my photography for the coming year.

As that year went by I found myself spending more and more time on the coast capturing its’ amazing surroundings. I’d post photos online and receive positive feedback and managed to start selling a few prints and canvasses. I was stoked with a bit of progress but still felt like I was lacking direction. Then 2017 came around.

I decided to stop posting photo after photo online and post just one photo every week. One photo a week was originally a project for me to reduce my online time and concentrate on my photography rather than feeling like I had to get shot after shot uploaded that I cared little about.

After a few weeks, I realised I could combine this photography project with another love of mine, the lower west coast of the Eyre Peninsula, my home. I became aware that living in Coffin Bay gave me the perfect gateway to experience all there is to offer along this coastline.


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