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Mentally Fit EP

Mentally Fit EP (MFEP) aims to empower people to take charge of their lives, and to build a mentally fit, connected community. The project is born and bred on Eyre Peninsula (EP), funded within EP and delivered across the EP region. Founded in 2014, MFEP focuses on ‘flipping mental illness on its head’ by developing capacity in the community, taking a proactive approach in the belief that there are choices a person can make which enable them to positively influence their own mental wellbeing. MFEP focuses primarily on three aspects – firstly by reducing stigma raising awareness that individuals can do much to look after their own mental health; secondly by offering an accessible program where individuals can learn how to look after their mental health and thirdly, by increasing knowledge in this community of where to go for support either as part of learning new self-care skills or to access more direct support when it is needed.


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