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Congratulations and thank you for being a part of SALT Festival 2024! Here we have your registration form. From these answers we will build your listing and box office to sell tickets to your event. The images and blurbs in this form will feature on our online program, printed program and webpage!

Please make sure you read the Contributors Handbook and The Artist Agreement

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the SALT Team at


2024 Contributor Registration -Extra Event

Register your details for your extra event in the 2024 Festival Program.

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as listed in guide
as listed in guide
tick all that apply
is there an age group this is aimed for i.e. a workshop for 8-12 year olds.
What is the length of your event (in minutes). If there is an interval, mention it here.
Content / Trigger Warnings
Max. file size: 128 MB.
minimum 800x800, clean, no text
Max. file size: 128 MB.
A short blurb - 2 or three sentences about your event
Longer blurb - entice your audience!
(optional) A bit about you, you're past history as a performer/event-maker


Time to set a price for your show. A few things to consider: There is a $2 booking fee ADDED to your ticket i.e. if you set your ticket at $20, the customer will pay $22. Commission • SALT Festival takes 15% (excl GST) commission on tickets for non-licensed events (whereby liquor is not being sold or available) • SALT Festival will take 20% (excl GST) commission on tickets for licensed events or events in licenced venues (whereby liquor is being sold or available). For more information please see the Contributor's Handbook:
If your event has a capacity i.e. you are a Workshop and can only have 10 people, please include the capacity here. Otherwise leave it blank and the capacity will be set at maximum for the venue.
if a free event, put 'FREE' if by donation put 'DONATION' - please note, donations cannot be collected online
Strdent, pensioner or any concession holder
For groups of +6 - write price per ticket not for the whole group.
Please put name and price in whole $
Free Ticket for Companion Card Holders?
Companion Card is for people with significant and permanent disability. By offering a free ticket for companion card holders it allows a carer to attend for free.

SALT Member

We are launching a new SALT Membership Program in 2024. The new program offers 20% off to SALT Members! These individuals are people who love SALT Festival. We suggest putting a limit on available tickets to members, this is to ensure that all your tickets aren't going cheap and also entices members to book early so they don't miss out. This new program is a fabulous way to get some tickets sold early.. The 20% off is calculated from the Adult Ticket Price. If you would like to be a part of this program, please check the box below and write the amount of tickets you would like to dedicate to Fringe Members PER SHOW. We will be offering 20% off on tickets to SALT Members. These members are made up of dedicated SALT Festival Lovers. They go to lots of shows!
Yes, I would like to be a part of the SALT Member Program, and offer SALT Member Tickets
How many tickets would you like to offer Members per show.

Technical Questionnaire

Please write in your required set up. e.g. I will need a trestle table with 6 chairs and a projector ready for my event.
Tech Survey
If you are performing a larger show that requires more technical assistance i.e. Theatre show, music event. Please let us know here and we will be in touch to help prepare for your event.
I have read and agree to the artist agreement(Required)
copy and paste this link to read agreement


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